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I am in the middle of a shop update, pattern release and hat making frenzy. And it is chaos.  My little 'helpers' are omnipresent and constantly pushing buttons - virtual and otherwise. Georgia has reached the "I must find the most dangerous object in the house" stage and must continually be retrieved from the top of something high.  Ellis is extremely excited about all of the activity and is oh-so-ready to be my trusty assistant, ahem. And Theo is just on the move all the time.

And so, when you see all of the pretty pictures next week, know that it took a lot of this:







to get there.

Have a wonderful weekend. When I am not working I will be:

- listening to this (Especially the second track - Wendell Berry put to bluegrass music? *faints, dies, goes to heaven*)

- Eating this

- And itching to make these for Ellis for Christmas





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