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Parents...They Just Don't Understand

Could someone explain to me why a rolling suitcase needs to go everywhere with us?

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In the last 2 days, said carry-on has been:
- Taken to the park

- Shown to the cows (cows were also given a live demonstration of how the zipper works)

- Pushed to the grocery store (1 mile away) in the pushchair, while Ellis rode in the sling

- Rolled through a cow pat

- Pushed over a cattle grid

- Loaded with multiple cars, fire trucks, ambulances and trains.

- Stuffed with clothes, shoes, jackets, pillows and an overly compliant cat


While we are at it...why are there crayons and crochet hooks in my refrigerator and who put a jar of jam and the last working telephone in the washing machine? Oh and can someone explain specifically why no less than 7 cars must accompany us everywhere we go, including every time we go up or down the stairs? Oh and why are all of my credit cards down the back of the radiator?

Maybe life's great mysteries just aren't meant to be answered? Or maybe I don't really want to know!

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