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Pattern: Cold at Night Hand Warmers

Pattern: Cold at Night Hand Warmers

*sniff* here we are in our final week of Crochet Camp. Hasn't it flown by?

This week's main pattern is this set of fingerless mitts. This is the first pattern that we have done that is written in a more standard crochet pattern format.  There are 4 sizes to choose from, and you will work through the instructions for your size by following the relevant set of instructions in brackets (re read the How to Read a Crochet Pattern post as a first step if you get confused).  I really wanted to end with a pattern like this so that if you have ANY questions about this kind of pattern, myself and more experienced crochet campers can help you through if you get stuck.

Puff Stitches

Most of the pattern is worked in puff stitch clusters.  This is my favourite little stitch.  I use it at least 3 times in my book and it is already in one pattern of book 2.  Yes, "obsessed" IS the word you are looking for, but I don't care.  In my mind, this is what I love about crochet - little round stitches that create a gorgeous texture and warmth.

To make a puff stitch, place your yarn over your hook.

Insert your hook into the specified stitch, yarn over again and pull through the stitch.

Yarn over again, insert your hook back into the same stitch, yarn over hook and pull through the stitch.  You will have 5 loops on your hook. 

Yarn over again, and pull through all of the loops on your hook.  1 Puff Stitch made. 

If you find you are snagging your hook and catching strands of wool as you work the Puff Stitch, try working a bit looser and try keeping your hook pointed down and the back of the hook pushing the top of the loops and yarn overs up as you go through.

To make the puff stitch cluster, you will make 1 Puff Stitch, chain 2 and 1 Puff Stitch all in the same stitch.  On your second and subsequent rounds, you will work your Puff Stitch cluster into  the 2ch space in the middle of the cluster. 

Click to download the pattern now.  Good luck and you know where to find me if you need me.

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