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Practice Makes Perfect

If you have read Slugs for any length of time, you will know that I am not great at following through with any meme or series that I may start. I bore easily, get distracted and don't like to feel like I *must* do something. Its obviously the remaining teenage rebel in me. However, quietly over the last few months, I have been trying to take at least 1 phone photo a day.

Iphoneography isn't my strength, I struggle with the lack of control and crappy phone cameras, but (as we so often say in our Collect the Moments course) it is the camera I have with me All.The.Time. I rarely take my DSLR out and about on daily errands, to the back garden or on travels with us, but I still want to capture our lives.

So, I have been trying, every single day, to get at least one photo. Most (of course) I am posting to Instagram, some are just TOO crappy. But, they are getting better and I am getting more happy with them. Just consciously trying and practicing really is the only way to improve, despite my impatience.



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