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A Note to Your Teenage Self

Dear Teenage Ellis-When you look back on this post, or any of the things I have written about you, I hope you take them with the joy and wonder with which they are intended. I hope that society has moved to such a place that teenagers aren't embarrassed by their parents or their childhood antics (and that pink fairy dresses are perfectly acceptable for little boys to wear, because lets face it they are much more interesting than boring boys clothes).

But if not, then I hope you realise we have all been embarrassed by our parents at some stage. Did I ever tell you about the time your Grammy met your Nana and Grandpa Harrison for the first time and asked them to tell her their "love story"? Ellis, you mother nearly melted with embarrassment. Now true, she didn't post something on the internet for thousands of people to read, but we'll call that a sign of the times. However, I did have to wear a PINK dress to my first communion when everyone else wore white and that was in front of the ENTIRE St John's Catholic Church. In my experience, embarrassment is worse and lasts longer when you have to see the witnesses every day.

I hear you ask, "Why do what you are about to do, if you know its going to embarrass me in the future?"  Well, my dear son, there are really two reasons. Firstly, I write this blog as a reminder for all of us about how magical your life is.  You see, you are the funniest, most creative and crazy person I know.  I love how you challenge my perceptions of right and wrong and my expectations of how children should act.  I want to remember how cute and funny you were (and I am sure you still are, though may not appreciate hearing it).

The second reason for posting this, is that quite frankly it was hilarious.  And I like to make people smile. You were so stinking cute in your "pretty dress", as you rolled pumpkins, chased the cats, wrestled with your dada and watched the movie with "big 'pace ships".  I laughed so hard I cried.  It was even more funny as the previous day we'd been to an all-girl birthday party and you'd spent the afternoon telling me you "No want to play with girls" and then beating them with balloons as they did the hair on My Little Ponies.

And so, here you go.  A lovely boy in a lovely pink dress.

pumpkin loving fairy

Pumpkin Fairy

I hope you look back on this and see adorable pictures of how lovely you were and how happy I am that you are able to express yourself. But just in case gender stereotypes are as valued 15 years from now as they are today, here is a "manly" picture for good measure.


Yours Truely,


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