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Queen of the Jungle


It is no joke that Georgia's first word was "Roar". Having been roared at by her older brother and his best friend from birth, we think that she thought it meant "I love you" or some other term of affection.

Even now in Georgia's mind, it is the sound most animals make and her favourite game.

And so this little hat revamp is for her...

IMG_7711.jpg IMG_7709.jpg little Queen of the Jungle




Finished hats are available here.

Patterns can be bought on etsy and ravelry.

All of my hats are tested by my Trusty and Super Awesome Army of Testers.  You know who you are and thank you again!!

**Proceeds from the Lion Hat and pattern go to the keep 'Georgia in Apples' fund. She eats at least 3 a day, using stools and chairs to climb up and get them, then hides. We only know it has happened when we find brown apple cores in odd places, often with our feet**


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