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Slowly we move from carcophany and chaos of the new baby days to a more unified rhythm of morning, noon and night. The change has been almost imperceptable...the slowest of shifts that, over time, has resulted in us all having found our feet.

The summer has brought remarkable changes in Ellis.  He is so helpful and engaging.  We have many fewer meltdowns...those of you who know us well, know what an acheivement that is.  He makes us endless cups of coffee, brings them to me in bed.  He cleans his own messes and will even occasionally leave the house without a fight.  

He has even taken an interest in painting and "makin' stuff".  We have made countless rockets and covered vaious household objects in paint.  I mixed up this recipe of fingerpaints for G, which she eat.  

But mostly, we spend our days napping (the babies), playing (all of them), cleaning (me) and going to the park (all of us).  It is a good and simple rhythm...which are usually the best kind.

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