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Scenes from a Weekend

An addiction begins: 

A weekend1

Dying wool with natural materials is really as close to witchcraft as you can get.  You get to make magic potions using something's skin (in my case onion) and boil things in cauldrons (or a crockpot/slow cooker).  It even smelled so deadly (like pickled sheep), that the brewing had to be moved to the shed and I had to go out in the dark to supervise...very witch-like behaviour.  Even dying with food colouring is magic as the water comes out clear! Who knows, one day my shed may be the next posh yarn ...or the site of a witch hunt.

A Long Walk is Taken:



Puddles are Splashed In:
A weekend3

Genius Strikes:

A weekend2

I made a crochet roll and used a 25" measuring tape as the tie.  Perfect!

An early morning awakening and its paraphernalia:


 Who cares about work on Monday, when you have crafting?

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