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Simple Pleasures


- Bus drivers waving to each otheras they drive past one another

- Looking into people's living rooms at night before they have closed their curtains.  I love the glimpses of inside life

 -Early mornings, before everyone else is up. Writing, looking, being

- The sun...its a bit like a long lost friend when it does appear.

- Finding a new blog... Social history at its finest.

- My stove top percolator.  Goodness that is some good coffee

- Wednesdays.  Work week over (for the most part), let the fun begin.

- Finding new uses for things.

- A good book and or some good yarn.  Escapism at its finest

- Being woken up to, "mama, ba la de ho ha, choo choo. yes."

Ellis' simple pleasure of the moment is passing gas in the bath.  Which you have to admit without our social taboos clouding the experience, is pretty fun.

I can't specifically remember where I got the ideas for the repurposed things...the clip frames, I think were at Let's Explore and I think the others were in Real Simple Magazine...but I am not sure!

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