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Every year, I start Birthday week with the intention of blogging the virtues of each of my children and celebrating the joy that came with their birth...and then the week arrives and I get caught in a whirlwind of cake, presents, whining (mostly my own) and celebrations and only ever manage to mention Georgia. The boys are absent, and not because I love them less, but because 3 children with birthdays in 1 week is a situation that ultimately results in chaos. 

Know this, the boys are crazy and awesome in equal measure. 

Now that is out of the way, I bring you some snippets of the last few weeks. We have had glorious weather and have spent most every day outside. I always know its spring when the children blatantly refuse to wear clothes...I still may be in fleeces and hats, but they strip off as soon as the sap begins to rise. 

I wish I could say that the time outside has been spent working on the garden, but after such a busy few weeks, we've done what Harrison-Goldin's do best...which is potter about, doing non essential tasks with a cup of tea in hand. Just what we needed. 

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