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Making Your Eyes Bleed


When I first moved to the UK, Kevin worked at Halfords, a chain of bike and motorparts stores.  There was a long-standing joke between his family and I about how much Kev talked about work - the customers, the products, the politics - we would get detailed blow by blows of his days.  He would happily ramble on while our ears bled from the tedium. Eventually, he was banned from even mentioning the "H" word.



I have been trying to think of things to say that don't involve making stuff and I can't. 



On the weekends, I sort of plan my blog posts for the week.  Today's idea was "Write about something other than crochet"


I knit a mitten. 


Guilt has started creeping in.  You know, at first I was all "This is so awesome to be working again." Now I am all "My children are going to be scarred from going to the wool shop this many times in a week." 

Ever since having Theo, I have tried very hard to do one nice thing a day individually with each child.  Baby massage, baking, painting with shaving foam, plus many other activities filled our days. Yesterday, I counted while doing the dishes with Theo around in the sling on my back and letting Georgia walk up the hill home from nursery as my "nice activities".

So yeah, things have slipped.  When people ask "How do you get everything done?" They think I am joking when I reply "I don't do the laundry and I never leave the house." 

Well, that is not true, I do leave the house - the school run and trips to the park and the post office add a nice rise and fall to our days. But really its mostly about crochet.

And making Kevin's ears and your eyes bleed from the tedium of it all.  ;)

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