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Spinning Wheels and Pirate Ships

I tried to think of some witty opening line to this post, but I couldn't think of one. A clever metaphor would have done as well, but one escaped me.  An interesting title was the least I could do, but even that was just out of my grasp, and so I can only just tell you:



I wasn't looking for it.  While I had always fancied spinning, the costs of wheels used or new was far outside of my budget.  But last week, in the local charity shop, there was one just sitting there, with the Lazy Kate and Niddy Noddy and instructional book.  I ran up to the till, bursting with excitement. It didn't have a price as they didn't know what to sell it for. I was told to phone back the next day. 


At this point, I didn't know what to do.  I am a firm beliver in the saying "what's for you, won't go by you," but money is tight and a spinning wheel is an extravegance. As I waited to make my call, I searched eBay, assuming they would go for the same price - well over £100 used, far over my budget, but I decided I would buy it if it was under £50.  I called, spoke to the manager and it was £45.

And so, now I am learning to spin.  In those small pockets of time where I am not needed by a child and I can move so I am not directly looking at the toys strewn on the floor, the piles of laundry and dishes, or the sicky raisins that have been ground into the tiles, my fingers practice the pull and push of spinning wool into yarn. 

And when I am not using it, I know a lovely little four year old who uses it to steer his pirate ship.

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