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Start Them Young

Back in business. It was just a power cord that blew!!  Phew! Fixed with a replacement from the bottom of a drawer.  


Ellis is quickly blossoming into quite the photographer. Whenever he gets his hands on my phone, he can be found clicking away at the various important parts of his world- the cats, his toys, his, uh, important bits of anatomy...

But what he really loves is the big camera and its remote.  On Saturday, I caved into the incessent requests of "Can I take pictures?"  And so he and I set up the tripod at Ellis level and the three of us were at his mercy.  

My creation

And so chaos ensued. We weren't told what to do as much as ordered to say "cheese" as Ellis ran back and forth to the camera to "check sum-fing". He would scratch his head and mumble to him self and various points in time and Kevin and I laughed at just exactly how similar he and I are.  

Looking back at the pictures, he declared them "beautiful" and then told me he was tired and needed a rest.  

This photography business is hard work.



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