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Sucked In By The Shiny Promise of Advertising

Normally, I am  great at resisting the pull of advertising.  Heck, I used to be a subscriber to Adbusters (it was a time when I took myself VERY seriously), so I know what its all about.  Bright lights, shiney things, a promise of a better life...


But when I saw THIS advert**:

Soak worthy


I had to make that dress in that colour.  After spending a significant amount of time hunting down the pattern, I discovered it was the clara dress from iasager yarns, 'free with purchase'.  At the time, I knew it was a silly thing to do, I'm normally a bargain bin yarn buyer and this was. not. cheap. but I am pregnant and I do stupid things in this condition (like move large objects of furniture, take obscenely long walks with severe pubic dysfunction, and buy sheepskin rugs...).  And so, an appropriate supplier for yarn and pattern was supplied and an order made and a shipping date from America given and I waited...dreaming of the lovliness of said dress for said little cherub.

The packet arrived, was ripped open and this is what I saw



I thought I ordered yellow.  This is green like those mushy peas from a tin that I don't eat due to a bad experience at a homeless hostel where I worked in London (that also involved HOT custard, yes you read that right Americans, HOT custard, and something called spotted dick).

The colour was called chartreuse, which for the last 32 years I thought meant yellow...When I told this to a friend, I was given a look that clearly said "EVERYONE on the planet knows chartreuse is a nice way to say icky green". Well, now I know and have 2 skeins of over cooked pea green rather expensive wool. 

After a moment's deliberation and a mental inventory of all of the yarn I have in my house, I decided that I would make the dress out of it, because I have nothing else in that weight and, its a good reminder about the dangers of impulse buys based on the power of advertising. Oh and I am choosing to think of it as mossy green...

Plus, she's so cute, she'll be able to carry it off...



Its just a good thing TV irritates me so much, because who knows what else I would impulse buy in my condition...

** yes, I do realise posting this breaks my no advertising thing on the blog, and I am certain I will get an email about it. In the interests of clarity I didn't get any money (quite the opposite, ahem), but if they want to send me the yellow yarn, that'd be OK.

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