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Summer (Or Something Like It)

The day dawned bright.  The first in weeks. Its probably the thing I love most about living here.  Yes. It rains. All. The. Time. But the very moment the sun comes out I am overwhelmed but the most breathless enthusiasm to just be outdoors and enjoy every minute.


And so if summer was only going to last for 24 hours, we were going to pack as much summer fun into it as is humanly possible.

And because item number 1 on any summer list of mine is to head to the sea and we didn't have the car, we brought the beach to us. 


And what would summer be without al fresco eating?

sandwich face

There was also ice cream, sand at the park and bubbles...all required summer activities.  Georgia took two 2 hour naps, which if that is not a successful day, I do not know what is.

In fact, it was a darn near perfect day, even if summer did only last for 1 day (and only hit 63F).



And as an aside, I sincerely wish that thigh rolls were this attractive in adults. IMG_3541.jpg IMG_3543.jpg

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