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Sweet Relief

Sweet Relief

Although the weather is still pretty wet, it feels like finally the endless rain and cloud have broken.  I don't remember a wetter year and it certainly feels like we haven't been out and about on our normal adventures this year at all. No one has wanted to go out at all and I feel like I have spent the last 6 months answering the questions "Can we watch TV?" and "Can we play Minecraft?" Not that we are a no TV household by any means, but the other 4 human members of the house would watch TV all day every day if it was a possibility...and sometimes after endless weeks of rain and mud it does.

For me though, I simply can't stay inside for long.  Rain or snow, sleet or hail, I have to get out for a couple of hours in total a day or a go a bit loopy.  Its amazing how even a short dog walk down our road can make everything else better. While I do go out every day, whatever the weather, I am not going to lie that I exclaim in glee on the days I do not have to wear full body waterproofs.

While it is a bit drippy and wet today, actual sun is predicted for later in the week. While I hardly remember what a full sunny day looks like, I am certain I will enjoy every minute of it.

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