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The last yarn delivery came on Saturday.  All 5kgs of it!!  Kev was sent out early to collect the delivery I missed the day before, and while he was out, this arrived. 5 glorious 500g cones of it!! And I must say that of everything I have used in the last 3 months, this is the most exciting...T-shirt yarn!!


Now, of course you can make T-shirt yarn.  There are a multitude of tutorials available to help you do so.  However, with now 18 17 days left to get everything finished, making wasn't an option. And once Joanne planted the idea for a project in my head, I had to make it so!! After searching high and low, calculating the costs of shipping the amount I needed from the Netherlands (YIKES!) and America (double YIKES!), I managed to find the one UK supplier of this kind of yarn.  


Made from post-industrial off cuts, it has limited ranges of colours, depending on what is available at the time. It is LOVELY to work with (though word of advice, the items marked "high stretch" will be easier on your hands). Highly recommended though for bigger projects that may need more yarn than you are wanting to part with T-shirts.  The manufacturer has a pinterest board with some ideas on what to make with it, but I have to say, I just want to make this for my bedroom. Which I am adding to the growing list of "Things I Am Going To Do When I Finish The Book" List, which Kevin just laughs at, as I am already overbooked with work until 1st of December.  

Oh and the cones are fun to take pictures of!!  Always a bonus! ;)


(this is not a sponsored post, I just thought it was cool.)
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