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Teeny/Weeny Stars

Teeny/Weeny Stars

In the last few months, I have designed no less than 7 different star patterns. While I am known to go on crazy pattern binges where I design the same thing over and over, this star obsession sort of takes the cake.  I will be publishing 2 different patterns this week and I have a different pattern in my Crochet A Star Garland kit, plus the star rug in my book as well.  I think 4 star patterns in a life time is probably enough. Today's pattern is for the most basic of stars.  Tomorrow we will tackle the tricky ones!

Skills needed:


Yarn + appropriate hook.  Mine is in DK, but try crochet cotton for lovely dainty stars or thick yarn for ones that pack a punch.

Round 1:

Step 1: Starting with a slip knot on your hook, chain 2.

Step 2:  Insert your hook back  into the very first chain you made, make 1 double crochet (dc), chain (ch) 2.

Step 3: Repeat step 2 a total of 5 times, working into that very same chain you worked your first double crochet into.

Step 4: Join with a slip stitch (slst) into the top of the 1st dc [ you should have 5 double crochet stitches in total].

Round 2:

Step 5: Missing the next double crochet, work 2 double crochet, 3 chains and 2 double crochet into the next chain space

Step 6: Repeat step 6 until you have worked into each of the 3 chain spaces from the round below. Join with a slip stitch into the 1st chain at the beginning of the round.  [20 double crochet stitches in total]

For teeny stars, stop here, break yarn and weave in ends. For weeny stars, continue on to round 3. 

Round 3:

Step 7: Make 1 chain.

Step 8:  Miss 2 double crochet stitches. Work 2 double crochet, 3 chain, 2 double crochet into the next chain space. Miss 2 double crochet and slip stitch into the space between the stitches.

Step 9: Repeat step 9 for each chain space around. You will have 5 points.  Your last slst is worked into the 1st chain of the round [20 double crochet stitches and 5 slip stitches in total]. Break yarn, weave in ends.

To get nice pointy finishes on your star, lightly wet and pin each of the corners out to dry.

To hang your stars:

  • String a piece of ribbon into the corner of one star and tie them onto the tree.
  • star workshop-031
  • String them together for bunting by chaining a length and working a double crochet into a point to secure them to the chain.


Need help?  Head over to the awesome Crochet Camp Facebook Group!

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