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The Did-Do List

This week, I :


:: Rearranged and completely de-cluttered the lounge, including removing all of the DVDs from cases and filing them in a folder saving us a TON of space.

hats on the did-do list

:: Made 4 hats, 3 handwarmers, and one baby sweater that just needs sewing up.  The hat in the top left corner is Poppy for a friend as a thank you for the mountain of baby things we were given.  The fingerless gloves are Fetching. The mitts look very cute, but do not suit me AT ALL.  They really make my hands look like those of a man in bad drag.  Its made me re think the second pair I had been making as another gift for someone who may have similar hands to mine...both knit in Stitch Nation Alpaca Love. 

:: Made dinner, lunch, breakfast and aproximately 6,000 snacks for the family

:: Rescued on small girl from under the dining room chairs at least 5 times a day

:: Went up and down the stairs no less than 15 times each day until in the evenings Kevin had to help me up the stairs and then I was unable to get out of bed all night long.

:: Walked to town and back (2.5 miles-ish round trip) 3 times


:: Forced my husband and children to accompany me to the garden centre to buy some spring bulbs to brighten the lounge.  Said children then eschewed cake at the cafe for tuna sandwiches and yoghurt...strange children. 

:: Made black and purple playdough, though the purple looks brown

:: Picked up the same 25 toys 176 times a day for 7 days

Hope you had a similarly productive week and a lovely weekend lays ahead.

We are off to our first Home Ed group meeting this afternoon...ironic that it falls on the week we started E in nursery...



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