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They Say Its Your Birthday

For many people, living outside of the country of one's birth is an exciting prospect.  I know its something that I dreamt about as a child, looking over the corn fields of Iowa with my first love, N.  And I suppose, for a long time, it was very exciting...East Germany, India, England, Scotland...all places that I have lived and loved, had adventures in and learned so much.

As time has gone on, its gotten harder.  Since Ellis' birth, few things have been more heart-wrenching than raising my son so far away from my beloved (if crazy) family.  I love it here, but I miss them. Important milestones in our lives bring the things we are missing to the forefront.

So, 60 years ago today, my mother, was born. Rather than mope about missing this important day, we decided to have our own birthday weekend with you, Grammy.   But, in order to fully appreciate the day, we employed a stand in.  Meet Grammy Version 2.0:

( Please note, my mother is a beautiful woman, who looks nothing like a chicken)
After a quick rest from all that flying, we took you to Edinburgh for a bit of window shopping, to the farmer's market and to see the castle:
We also took you to lunch at C and C's where you also got to meet our friends J and M.  You thought the food was good (thank goodness it was fish!), but you LOVED the Scottish ale...a bit too much:

 When we got back, you and Kevin had to compete at the Wii.  I am still to afraid of the thing.

You put Ellis to bed and then went to bed early.


On Sunday, you helped me get ready for the crafternoon.  You said you were just a bit peckish, but you ate LOTS of cake  and offered artistic advice to all of us*:


You decided after all of the excitement and busy - ness of your visit that a trip to the spa was required for your actual Birthday, but we loved having you. So you flew the coop and headed back to Iowa.

We love you so much and wish that you were here for your Birthday.  You are a wonderful mother, friend and Grammy.  Here's to another 60!

 * the gnomes were inspired by a lovely woman at Green Parent forum who is making me a set, but I also happened to find them in teh Earthwise book and couldn't resist making a family myself.  The valentines cookies were inspired by Chasing Cheerios.

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