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This is a Post About Gardening

IMG_3322.jpg...and its not about pigtails or cute wrinkled noses or chubby cheeks or anything of the sort.




...wait. What was I saying? Oh yes, gardening.

When I was down south I had the pleasure of meeting the gorgeous Kat and her gorgeous children in her gorgeous house whilst eating her gorgeous cooking. If you don't know already Kat has superpowers of finding the coolest stuff available on the internet. Even her tea towels were cool.

In our discussions about life, etc, Kat happened to mention a company that stocks gardens in a box, Rocket Gardens. I was quite keen at the time, but then a timely tweet about a massive sale reached me at a stop on the M6. The children had been crying for hours on end and had weakened my previous resolve about only growing children this year. And so, through the magic of a smart phone, I am the proud owner of a spring/summer garden for the house.



Kevin will tell you two things about me:

1. I hate shopping

2. Unless it can be bought online and arrive in a box via delivery person.

And so a garden in a box that meant I could grow some veggies with minimal effort? Oh, yes I am in love.


They came all packed in straw and cozied up together. Unpacking the box was better than Christmas. My veggies are now inhabiting as many containers as I could squeeze into a sheltered, sunny corner of the garden.  



Oh and I've had lots of help. Mostly with putting stones in the dirt and insisting that we only grow sunflowers "For the bees, Mama!!". Now, if only the temperatures would reach above freezing and the sun decided to grace us with its presense.  


Wait, was I saying something about the garden?


Please note: I realise that a number of the last posts have been about cute children.  Under no circumstances do I only value my children for their appearences.  They are smart and funny and capable. I look forward to the day they can do the dishes and cook dinner. In fact, I am certain that one day, Ellis will be the lead game tester at Nintendo, Theo will run some multinational corporation and Georgia will be the leader of a cult, but until that day comes, cute is as good as anything.

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