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This Is What Denial Looks Like

Notice the new blog layout?

See these lovely granny squares?

baby granny circle blanket

Dare I tell you that the photoshoot for said granny squares that took me an hour, including re-winding the balls of yarn and editing the photos? And I don't like the picture and actually contemplated retaking and re-editing them?

granny circle square blanket

yarn 2

None the less, isn't denial pretty?

This weekend past, Kev and I went to the local store for baby goods to buy a fair few items on our "list" for our impending arrival.  Kevin kept holding up various items on said list for my comment and I would go blank and respond something to the effect of "I am not buying that at that price" and walk away (honestly though, who spends £21 on a bucket to give their baby a bath in??  Its a bucket?**).  Or I would go slightly glassy-eyed and say something to the effect of..."mmmmm...hmmmm..." He'd sigh, roll his eyes and walk away. We left with a bed guard.

I mean, its not like I am 34 weeks pregnant with a history of pre-term labour or anything?  I have plenty of time to get ready for the baby.

34 weeks pregnant

Wait, what!?!  I AM 34 weeks pregnant with a history of preterm labour??? 

I really should get off the computer and deal with the not so pretty side of denial, like the cupboard under the stairs, washing baby clothes and nappies, vacuum up the golf-ball sized dust bunnies that have accumulated between the printer and the wall, cooking some meals to put in the freezer, organising who on earth is going to watch Ellis if I have an emergency transfer to hospital in the middle of the night.

big mess

But you know, the baby DOES need a baby blanket...and it'd be a shame if all of that gorgeous soft yarn I got in the bargain bin at the yarn store went to waste...

(**I am really sorry if any one reading has spent £21 on a bucket to give their baby a bath in...I am not judging you, it is one of those things that my brain can not grasp.  Like why Kate Bush wrote a song about a washing machine or who exactly thought that scented baby wipes would enhance a nappy changing experience.)

Oh, by the way, are the pictures too big on the blog?  I don't want people to have to scroll around too much to see them.  I may have another play to make sure.

And Dearest, Dearest Mother- please note that I wrote a really sappy post about how much I miss you and I want to spend your Birthday with you, but a) it too involved an elaborate photoshoot and a stuffed chicken and b) I didn't want to make you cry while you are on a business trip.  Happy Birthday anyway!

OK, now I am really going to go clean.

After a cup of tea.

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