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This week in the Studio

star workshop-043 star workshop-044 star workshop-047 star workshop-048 This week has been all about getting ready for next week's Country Living Christmas Fair. Of course I pick the biggest craft fair in Scotland, held at the SECC, to run my first ever craft stall. Trial by fire or what?!? When I first opened my Etsy shop and started selling hats, I dreamt of having a stall, so when my publisher said that I could run a crochet workshop and have a stall at the Glasgow Fair, I was all over it.

And so, these week has been about preparation - some mental, some physical, mostly winding:

  • Dyeing Christmas Trees Pink:  I used this set of trees, soaked them in bleach then left them in a bucket of Dylon for various amounts of time. The idea came from (of course) Pinterest.
  • Making Tassels: Well, Elly made these when she came to stay, but the stall next week is having a pink/blue/craft paper/gold theme, so these will be part of it. I also have gold spray paint and glitter tape on the way. Oh and I HOPE this arrives on time (and even if it doesn't that's cool, because I can't wait to spell out rude festive messages for the house in gold. Oh yes!
  • Packing Kits. I have about 100 packed here, another 200 to do, plus materials for another 100 arriving early next week (please let this be the case!). Kerstin has packed over 100 as well. This is not including the Knit Camp orders that I will be taking to the post office today.
  • Winding, winding, winding: I need 200 little balls of wool for my workshops next week.

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