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Today I Am

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 - planning meals from this beauitful book.  Gorgeous photography? Ireland? A whole chapter on potatoes?  It is as if the authour looked into my heart and wrote a cookbook just for me.

- Listening to The Civil Wars. 

- Working on some examples for tomorrow's beginner class. There is a tremendous amount of interest in these workshops, and I promise I will be releasing more dates very very soon.

- Making little brooch kits for the class participants to take away.

- Cleaning the house, lest someon break a leg on the Lego-tastrophe that is happening in the livingroom right now.

- Working out meterage/yardage on my hat patterns with the help of my kitchen scales and Joanne

- Taking my ever-so-handsome-but-refuses-to-pose-for-the-camera dude out on a lunch date.  I've promised all the cake he can eat if he lets me work this morning.  


Thank you to everyone who has nomited Slugs in the MAD Blogging Awards.  I really appreciate all of the support for the blog.  Is it wrong that I *really* want to win in the Craft category because I have always wanted a Kitchen Aid mixer?  So what if I can't really bake, it would look sooooo awesome in photos!! (my god, I am THAT shallow).  Anwyay,there is still time to nominate here.

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