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Travelling Circus

That is what it feels like we are at the minute.  I sit amidst bags and boxes, packing for another trip down to London. The children are wild, cooped up all day because of torrential rain and last minute preparations.  I dread the drive (I always do) with these little caged beasties.
This month has passed in a blur of adrenaline and busyness.  I am grateful for the adrenaline, as quite frankly I wouldn't make it through otherwise. There is no time for tiredness or self pity about the relentlessness (which is good, as we all know, I like to wallow). 
People often compare writing a book to giving birth to a baby, but actually it seems to be more like orchestrating a performance - remembering your lines and the costumes and the staging and the lights and the blocking and the rewrites and the props and the... 6,000,000 things to think about all at once.  But, bit by bit, it all comes together. Well, at least I hope so.
And its worth it.  From the first glimpses of the photographs to seeing my title tweeted back from an authour (thanks, Lynn!) at the Frankfurt Book Fair.  I can not wait until its released out into the world.  Can. Not. Wait. 
(the little bear hat at the top was a cast off from the designs for the book.  Beary sweet though, no?)
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