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UFO: Unfinished Object



Generally speaking, I am not one of those crafters who starts something and doesn't finish it.  With the noticable exception of Jasper, any project I've begun has either been seen through to completetion, or frogged immediately.




However, last Christmas in the US, with time and an awesome yarn store available,  I whipped up a little cardigan from Last Minute Knitted Gifts.  I'd gotten to the point of sewing it up when we left for the UK, packed it up and promptly forgot about it...

...until last week when I stumbled across it while tidying up my studio.  How sad, I thought, that such a sweet little thing didn't have a baby to wear it.




As luck would have it, a few days later, I received news that a friend was coming to Stirling to visit with her new baby girl. Queue frantic blocking, sewing up and button choosing (which of course necessitated the dumping out of the entire button jar).


 Looking at it this morning, mere hours before it was due to be handed over, I decided it needed a little something extra.  

A few weeks ago, Kevin found this Crochet Inspiration book at the library. It is my new essential crochet book, just packet with, well, inspiration. I know there is another book of similar fashion doing the rounds in the blogosphere at the moment and I'd be interested to see how they compare, but for now this one will be on permanent loan to us.



A flower pattern was chosen and sewn on at the exact moment Ellis was supposed to be at nursery.    



But it was perfectly worth it.  A sweet little thing for a VERY sweet little thing.

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