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Unashamed Geekdom

Ahem.  Testing, one, two.  Testing.  Hi. My name is Kat.  And I am a yarnaholic.

Don't laugh. Yes.  It is a SERIOUS addiction.  I live in a teeny tiny house with 3, almost 4 people and 2 cats, some slugs, a bevy of spiders and a goldfish.  Space is at a premium.  And yet, my stash grows.  Balls of yarn are stuffed into baskets and drawers.  They travel with me to work and play group and town and friend's houses. 

I have even carved stamps of my beloved balls of yarn.


The worst part.  I don't even make that much stuff.  I mean there is always something on the go, but I have a very short attention span and half finished projects fill my yarn bag (which happens to be from the gorgeous and very talented Gillian Kyle).


I am hugely guilty of holding onto beloved yarn and just not being able to decide what to do with it.  Take this: 04Dec2009_4819

Mirasol Yarn in Sulka...I have 110 yards...and I just keep getting it out, stroking it and then putting back.  You see, I love it so much I can't bear to make anything with it.  I really want to make this blanket for the new baby, but gulp, the amount of yarn I need would make it a VERY expensive endeavour. SO I am thinking a baby cocoon for newborn pictures...but the reality is it will probably still be in that bag in 6 months time.

And so it should come as no surprise that when I read about Knit Camp in the paper at work, I nearly lept out of my seat.  Oh yes, the UK Knit Camp and Ravelry Weekend will be literally on my doorstep.  My excitement was met with jokes about my nerdiness by my work colleagues...which is pretty rich coming from people who know the Latin names for lichen...


To each their own...and I stand unashamedly, knee deep in yarn, wallowing in geekdom. 

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