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Unfailingly Positive




When I tell you, or you guess, that baby number 3 is on the way, you will not hear me say, "We're going to have our hands full."

When you realise that the babies will be one year apart, my lips will not utter "I'm not sure how we will cope."

When I indicate you we are not moving from our small 2 bedroom house, I will not show you that I am not sure where we will put them all.

When you ask "how are you coping?", you will only hear me say, "Fine.  Tired but fine"

You see, I know how people look for the chinks in the armour.  Stories are better when they are dramatic, when there is a damsel in distress.  I ain't no damsel and I am certainly not in distress.  I know, because I remember the gasps when telling and retelling similar tales of oh-so-closely spaced children.

And so, you will find me being positive.  Unfailingly so. 


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