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Wedded Bliss

We've just spent the last week on the South Coast with family, celebrating the wedding of Kevin's little brother.  As I sat in the ceremony with Theo in the sling, watching through tear-filled eyes Georgia and Ellis walk down the aisle, I realised something important...

I have become my mother. 

We always used to laugh at how easily she cried at the smallest of going away, even mentioning us going away, graduations, meeting grandchildren, weddings, etc.  But now I understand, its just all so overwhelming...the love you have for your children brings everything to the surface...or maybe its age...or maybe we are just people who cry.

Anyway, I spent most of the wedding in tears, but did manage to take a couple photos of my loves as they looked so clean (oh, and beautiful, of course).

IMG_3044.jpg IMG_3028.jpg IMG_3024.jpg IMG_3016.jpg IMG_3009.jpg IMG_3008.jpg IMG_3006.jpg




And when my mother gets married in September?  Holy cow, we are going to need tissues by the truckload.

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