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Where you can find me

Our days feel like they are filled with rushing - to work, to drop kids off, to pick kids up, to the grocery store, to finish the next task. Up at 6 and before I know it its 10pm and I am heading to bed feeling as if I have done nothing all day except run around.

Thank goodness for my camera roll and Instagram, reminding me that not everything has been about running here and there and I have actually left my desk, if even for a product shoot or a dog walk. Right there, that is what I love about photography - it gets me out of my head and grounded back with solid proof that I don't just sit at my desk all day long. 

When will I learn not to take on work over the summer?!  Its just crazy around here with so many projects needing attention. The Crochet Project's autumn releases are kicking into full gear. We will be at Yarndale and are working hard for new designs to launch there, in the meanwhile we have a new shawl, Acer, designed by Joanne coming out next week! 

This weekend you will find me in the kitchen processing chickens and blackcurrants (separately of course!) + the 3kg of strawberries I bought at the market yesterday. Hello a freezer full of roasts and a cupboard full of jam (and cassis).

You can also find me writing about creativity in Simply Crochet,  with 2 new patterns in Knit Now this month and with the next instalment of the Cedar River Blanket on the Deramores blog. 

Phew! It's busy round here!

But that's OK, we'd probably be bored if it wasn't! 

Have a great weekend! 



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