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Yesterday and Today

IMG_4514.jpg spinningIMG_4526.jpgPicnik collage IMG_4532.jpg


- Georgia discovered the joy of licking. No food object is safe, but especially the "butter" on her toast

- I used every free moment to practice my spinning.  I was on a course on Sunday and got a ton of help with my technique.  I even came away with a bag of raw wool to card and spin.  Loving it and hating it. I have terrible problems when I can't do something right instantly.  I would even go so far as to say I have tantrums.  

- Theo spent the day attempting to suck on anything that he could get into his mouth.  I believe the term is "reverse cycling"...

- Ellis painted 17 sheets of paper to make into paper airplanes.  I didn't even succeed at making one from instructions on the internet.  There may have been swearing.

- I was talked into getting out the ball pit, under the strict condition that I would not be the one picking up all the balls. Unsurprisingly, I then spent the evening picking up the balls.


And Today:

I woke up to the news about the increasing violence in England and I am so so sad. I want to say that I am thinking of those who are caught up in the riots across the England. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. 

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