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Highland Beef

Highland Beef

Our Highland Beef is grown in partnership with our good friend Colin Maclennan. Colin has been raising grass fed beef for the last 30 years, selling to restaurants and chefs throughout Scotland. We began working with Colin when we were looking to purchase ethically grown beef for our own household. His commitment to quality and slow growing breeds makes this beef the best we've ever had.

Highland beef is slow growing and has less fat than other types of beef (the shaggy coats keep the cows warm, rather than lots of fat), due to this they are less commercially viable than some of their larger relatives like the Limousine or Angus. However, we see this as a bonus, as their meat is lower in cholesterol and they do better in our semi-upland environment, with taste second to none.

All of our beef is aged for a minimum of 30 days and the taste is really unrivalled. We are delighted to be able to partner with Colin to enable you to buy this amazing beef for your own family. 

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