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Community is at the heart of every single thing we do. From the folks that turn up at our door for workshops, farm visits and retreats to those who we welcome into our online classes or who we connect to through our stories on Instagram. We want to take as many people as possible with us on the journey to build “A Life in the Making”.

Our goal with Gartur is to grow as sustainably as possible - both our food and our business. It’s a tricky thing, sustainability. It means digging in deep and being in it for the long haul. It means the fastest and easiest way isn’t usually the best and that goals need to be flexible.

Our new farm membership is a way to connect to and visit the farm, wherever you are in the world. With exclusive content, special tutorials and membership only discounts, we hope to build sustainability into the work we do.

We are offering three membership levels - Captain Fantastic, BoyBoy and The Goat Gang.

All three levels get bi-weekly updates about farm life, recipes and exclusive videos delivered to your inbox and if you are on Instagram, you will get added to our "Close Friends" group to get exclusive daily updates.

Our membership levels BoyBoy and The Goat Gang get:

  • Free access to three of our most popular online courses Everyday Sourdough, Intro to Fermentation and Natural Home and Beauty and Intro to Canning and Preserving as a special introductory offer.

  • Monthly member’s makealongs. Each month we will have a new focus, including fermentation, soap making, canning and much more. Much like our Instagram bakealongs, we will have resources to guide you through the make - ingredients lists, pdfs and clear video tutorials

  • A 10% discount on all items in our shop.

There will also be special member’s discounts and access to some of our new courses (Everyday Sourdough 2 and Food Preserving 101) we are planning over the next few months.

By supporting the farm in this way, you enable us to have a steady income stream, allowing us to plan work in a sustainable way and help keep the many mouths fed.

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