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Life in the Making Quarterly: Issue 01 Late Summer

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Life in the Making is a new quarterly publication by Gartur Stitch Farm celebrating growing, making, gathering and eating. Deeply seasonal, we aim to publish a collection of recipes, how tos and stories that capture handmade living throughout the year.

From the Intro:

But no matter how or with whom it is eaten, the food of late summer is a living love letter to the season and to the community we are a part of...
...and that is the heart of what this, our first edition of our new quarterly publication is about. Its about the feast that comes after a year of work, whether that work is in your field or someone else’s. It is sharing abundance and building a longer table, not a taller fence, when you have too much.
(though it might also be about giving away an over abundance of courgettes to anyone that makes eye contact).

The work of late summer is in the eating. After months of moving compost, sowing seeds, and tending plants, the abundance in the fields and hedgerows begs to be shared.  This year especially, as we spent months apart from loved ones, gathering around a table of good, seasonal food feels especially important. 

Life in the Making is a collection of over 20 recipes and essays that celebrate local food, good neighbours and the joy of field to fork eating (whether or not the field is your own or someone else's).

Recipes Included:

  • Kale Pesto
  • Killer Egg Mayo
  • Lebneh
  • Garden Dukkah
  • Smoked Bean Hummus
  • Wild Mushrooms on Toast
  • Grandpa's Dill Pickles
  • Roast Cauliflower & Chickpeas
  • Herbed Ice Cream
  • Courgette Cake
  • Wildflower Sugar Cookies
  • Swirly, Whirly Meringues
  • Rhubarb & Custard Cake
  • Water Kefir
  • Pineapple Weed Cordial & Spritzer
  • And more

The Quarterly is 68 pages, A4 sized and printed on recycled paper. You can order it as a print + digital version or digital only. It features Kat's stunning photography, essays about food and community and tips for making each recipe your own.

If you want to find ways to connect to the seasons, learn traditional skills or live a life thats in the making, then this is for you.