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About Us

We are Kat Goldin and Kevin Harrison, smallholders who believe in the transformative power of doing. We moved to our small farm about 5 years ago- adding dairy goats, sheep, a KuneKune pig, chickens, ducks, geese, cats, and a rather dapper peacock named Major Tom to the mix. Our newest arrival is a beautiful Jersey cow named Petunia. We grow and make most of our own food and love to share that passion with other people. Kat is an author and photographer who specialises in craft and DIY how-to books, online courses and events. From the farm studio, she hosts popular workshops and weekend long retreats on crochet, sourdough bread making, cheese making, foraging and supper clubs. Kevin works off farm as an arts manager working with schools, hospitals and prisons to provide participatory arts experiences.

This is our virtual farm shop, stocked full of produce from the farm, as well as kits, online courses and materials to get you making your own. We are passionate about good food, making your own and building community. 

We run a number of events and experiences here at the farm - focussed on practical skills to “do it yourself”. The “IT” can be anything really - from raising your own goats, making your own sourdough bread or cheese, foraging, crocheting, soap making, spoon carving, natural dyeing, the list goes on. We believe in the power of regenerative farming, permaculture and rolling up your sleeves and getting stuck in to your own life - whether its a small farm like ours or a flat in an urban centre.

We love to bring people here and do that through a range of retreats, events, workshops and experiences. You can also book our venue for your meeting or away day or even hen do! We also offer popular AirBnB experiences, which are bookable on the AirBnB website.