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Farm Tours

11am - 1pm Saturdays. Additional Dates may be available during school holidays. (please select your date to book)

Come meet the animals at our small farm at the edge of the Trossachs.

When you arrive, we will greet you with a cup of tea or coffee and homemade pastry or sourdough bread all made here in the farm kitchen, from local ingredients mostly grown or foraged here on the farm. Then we will get you suited up in gear suitable for being out with the animals. We will provide waterproofs and "farm gear" if required and usually have spare welly boots to fit if you'd like to stay as clean as possible.

We will then head out to the barn, where we will walk you through how to hand milk our dairy goat, Dascha. She is a lovely natured goat who will stand while you give milking a go. Then we will walk out to the field where you can hand feed our flock of Soay sheep. Soays are the UK's most primitive breed of sheep and, in our opinion, the cutest sheep on the plant. If you are lucky, you will get a cuddle from our two smallest sheep - Hamish and Angus, twin lambs born in May this year.

After feeding the sheep, we will head to the chicken coops where you can collect eggs from our small flock of chickens. Our rule is, if you collect it, you keep it, so you will get to take any eggs you find home with you.