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Introduction to Canning and Preserving Introductory Offer

Have you always wanted to “put food up” but never knew where to start? Or wanted to can stuff, but worried about killing your family with botulism? This is the course for you!!

Over the course of 3 weeks, we will cover the basics of canning food using traditional methods. We will look at making jams, pressure canning, hot water baths, lacto-fermenting vegetables, freezing and dehydrating seasonal abundance so you can enjoy the harvest well into the winter months.

Taught in the usual clear and easy to understand style, we will simplify the complexities that put people off canning and preserving and always focus on how you can fit the recipes into normal life.

Sample Course Content:

  • Week 1: Equipment, ingredients and making jam while the sun shines

  • Week 2: Canning veg: lacto fermentation, pressure canning and how not to kill people

  • Week 3: Alternative preservation techniques

The course will be taught live from Friday 6th of September and run for 3 weeks. From that point, it will be available to work through at any time. You will also have lifetime access to our Life in the Making Facebook group for any follow up questions. You will receive an email with login details roughly a week before the course begins.

As a special introductory offer, we are including Intro to Canning and Preserving as part of our new membership plan. This includes free access to our Everyday Sourdough, Intro to Fermentation and Natural Home and Beauty courses, special members’ content and newsletters and a 10% off on all shop purchases. Click here to read more about membership.