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Our Ethos

Gartur is a tiny plot of earth, we aren't aiming to be the next name brand or produce acres of food on an industrial scale. We grow food for ourselves and our community and teach people hands on, traditional skills that they can use on their own plot of earth - be it an apartment balcony, galley kitchen or sprawling farm house. 

We practice regenerative farming - a system of agriculture that seeks to improve the land, raise food with the utmost care and sequester carbon in the process.  We seek to leave Gartur a better, healthier place than when we found it.

Those principles apply not only to our farming techniques, but our principles for our business as a whole.

- Through our crowdfunder in 2019 and our ongoing work, we are working to make the farm as physically accessible as possible (within our constraints as tenants) to students who wish to attend our courses and farm tours. 

- We prioritise applications from marginalised groups in our internship and volunteer scheme, this includes people with disabilities and people of colour. 

- We give a proportion of our profits every month to schemes that work to improve local food systems, including Start Up Stirling and Land In Our Names

- We pay staff well above the living wage and ensure that volunteers working on any commercial aspect of the farm are paid accordingly.

- Where possible, we offer free and low cost alternatives to our paid-for courses, through blog posts and bakealongs on our Instagram and Facebook pages. 

Due to COVID-19, some of our more outward focused work has had to pause.  We hope to engage in more outreach with local community groups in new ways as we move through the coronavirus crisis.