Intro to Cheesemaking: The Online Course

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If you walk into my kitchen on any given day, you will find a range of bags, pots, bowls and moulds lining my countertops.  Each and every one will be filled to the brim with goat's or cow's milk from our herd in various states of fermentation (or consumption).

This online course is the accumulation of that knowledge - my top tips and tricks for making cheese in your own home. This course will focus on fresh and unaged cheese (though we will cover the aging process) and through a range of written and video tutorials, we will cover:

  • The basic principles of dairy fermentation
  • Understanding milk
  • Harnessing bacteria
  • Making paneer 
  • Cheat's ricotta
  • Making kefir and using it in cheesemaking
  • 30 minute mozarella
  • Halloumi
  • Yoghurt and Lebneh
  • Cultured butter


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Click here to see an example of the video and recipe material presented in the course.

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