Keeping a Dairy Animal: The Online Course

  • £37.00

Hands down, the biggest move towards self sufficiency we made on our smallholding was the addition of our dairy goats.  Providing us with milk for drinking, cheese, soap and other baby animals, meat if we choose and valuable manure for the garden, the goats and our Jersey cow are the most valuable assets we have in terms of the whole working ecosystem of Gartur. 

This course will take you through the ins and outs of keeping a dairy animal.

We will cover:

  • Raw milk magic
  • The great cow vs goat vs sheep debate
  • Sourcing animals
  • Kidding and calving
  • Calf or kid sharing
  • Housing and feed
  • Managing milking schedules
  • Milking mechanics
  • Legal requirements

The course is spaced out a bit more than our usual courses - with monthly themes, Q&As and hopefully live streams of small bundles of kids and calves being born.

Course runs from 18th January to 1st April. 


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