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Botanical Soapmaking

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I was convinced I was going to blow up the house the first time I made soap. The magic ingredient in soap making, lye, is a hazardous chemical when handled incorrectly, but when done with the right precautions, soap making is a very safe and enjoyable task.

This course takes you through the basics of soap making, teaching the basics of bar and liquid soap making as well as making milk based soaps like the ones we sell in the shop. 

Course Overview

    • Soap Making Basics, Safety and Equipment

    • Basic Soap Making Techniques: cold and hot process

    • Advanced Soap Making Techniques: castille soap and goat’s milk soap

    • Working with botanical ingredients (each herbal focus includes harvesting tips, processing guidelines, a printable herbal monograph and a soap recipe specific for that ingredient). We will cover,

      • Calendula

      • Nettles

      • Bog Myrtle

      • Horsetail

      • Yarrow

      • Working with honey and beeswax

    • Using Soap Additives and Colours

    • Getting a license for selling your soap

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